[AMBER-Developers] testing question

From: Sally Pias <sallypias.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 15:05:07 -0400

I am running the amber11 test suites using the new scripts.
test_amber_parallel.sh has given me the following output:

Finished parallel test suite for Amber 11 at Wed Mar 17 17:21:59 EDT 2010.
Some tests require 4, 8, or 32 threads to run, while some will not
run with more than 2. Please run further parallel tests with the
appropriate number of processors. See README for details.

383 file comparisons passed
11 file comparisons failed
7 tests experienced errors
Test log file saved as logs/test_amber_parallel/2010-03-17_14-38-42.log.
Test diffs file saved as logs/test_amber_parallel/2010-03-17_14-38-42.diff.

[1]+ Done ./test_amber_parallel.sh

I am unsure, however, what number of file comparisons *should* be run
if all the tests are attempted. In the past, I have encountered a
problem with segmentation faults stopping the testing. Do the new
scripts prevent this problem?


Sally Pias
Postdoctoral Associate
Simmerling research group, Stony Brook University
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