Re: [AMBER-Developers] compile error

From: Tyler Luchko <>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 15:39:35 -0500

Sorry for the delay.

I've been trying to reproduce the error but have not been able to. With
both a cvs update -APCd followed by superclean and a clean checkout
everything compiles fine on my Mac. I also have OS 10.6.2 and GNU
compilers 4.4.2 from Fink.

You mentioned that you were using Apple's gcc. I haven't had success
with this as it fails on the -lgfortran flag. Fink's gcc is call gcc-4
so I created a symlink so it would be the first gcc on my path.

If the latest CVS code doesn't work you should check that FFTW-2.1.5 is
being made (libraries appear in $AMBERHOME/lib). If they are present
lines 158-163 of nab/Makefile unpack the FFTW libraries and repack them
into libnab.a.

     158 mkdir $(LIBDIR)/temp; cd $(LIBDIR)/temp; \
     159 for lib in $(FLIBS_FFTW2); do \
     160 ar x $${lib}; \
     161 done;
     162 $(AR) libnab.a $(LIBSFFOBJS) $(LIBNABOBJS)
     163 rm -rf $(LIBDIR)/temp

Since FLIBS_FFTW2 is properly defined in your config.h I'm not sure what
the problem is.


case wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 03, 2010, Jason Swails wrote:
>>>> Undefined symbols:
>>>> "_rfftwnd_f77_destroy_plan_", referenced from:
> Tyler may want to weigh in here, but here's what I know: The entry point
> listed above is supposed to be in libnab.a:
> poincare% nm libnab.a | grep rfftwnd_f77_destroy_plan
> U _rfftwnd_f77_destroy_plan_
> 000001f2 T _rfftwnd_f77_destroy_plan_
> So, go to $AMBERHOME/lib and run the above command to see what you get.
> There might be something involved with double-underscores and such -- have
> you been using different compilers recently on your test machine? It could
> be that the fftw-2.1.5 directory is not properly being cleaned...check the
> timestamps of .o files in fftw-2.1.5, or make sure you are re-compiling them.
> ...dac
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