Re: [AMBER-Developers] ips.f::aips_sumrc() is not using nfftdim2andnfftdim3

From: Scott Brozell <>
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 18:45:49 -0500


If you really want to study nfft vs nfftdim then start with
get_fftdims in ew_fft.f.
It might also be useful to browse spatial_recip.f and spatial_fft.f
since that gives a different perspective, and there may be more
explanations in spatial_fft.f than in the originals.
I think the reference on this is
  author = {Crowley, M.F. and Darden, T.A. and Cheatham, III, T.E. and Deerfield, II, D.W.},
  title = {{Adventures in improving the scaling and accuracy of a parallel molecular dynamics program}},
  journal = {J. Supercomput.},
  volume = {11},
  pages = {255-278},
  year = {1997} }

But I agree with Bob, dont study this unless your spouse is on a Roman Holiday.


On Tue, Feb 02, 2010 at 05:53:36PM -0500, Robert Duke wrote:
> The motivation behind using half complex fft's is performance related; Mike
> Crowley gets credit for this going back to amber 7, and it is a great idea
> that has been written up and used in various places. I would have to look
> up some stuff to attempt to explain it, and unless you are a numerical
> methods weeny, you would not care anyway. The two sets of indices are a
> convenience, though there is an opportunity to shoot yourself in the foot
> here, for the uninitiated. I don't know whether Mike or Tom first did it,
> but there are good reasons for it; it is however indeed not well
> documented. So I am not doing any criticizing on this one; just trying to
> make sure there are slightly fewer self-inflicted wounds... ;-)
> - Bob
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> >Robert Duke wrote:
> >>Okay, be careful about dinking with nfft[123] vs nfftdim[123]. I have no
> >>idea whether this ips code is correct, but this nfft vs. nfftdim stuff
> >>has caused confusion before in the recip space code (notably, the guys
> >>doing the pmemd gpu port made some assumptions and renamed some stuff and
> >>majorly broke some code). I have not refreshed my memory by looking at
> >>code, but I vaguely remember that these two sets of variables exist due
> >>to use of half complex fft's in reciprocal space calcs, and you basically
> >>have to be able to treat different fft-related data structures as if they
> >>are dimensioned differently (I am sure that is as clear as mud - bottom
> >>line - don't dink with these variables unless you know what you are
> >>doing, and as far as I know, Mike Crowley, Tom Darden and I are the only
> >>folks who have done a lot with this stuff - though looks like ips folks
> >>waded into it a bit too...).
> >>Regards - Bob
> >
> >Thanks Bob, I was not aware of this. It sounds quite esoteric; I assume
> >the motivation behind this was performance related? Are there any
> >documents expanding upon this?
> >
> >regards,
> >
> >Mark

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