RE: [AMBER-Developers] More weirdness to do with netCDF

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 14:25:40 -0700

Hi Ben,

We ran into this problem yesterday when we were switching compilers. The
clean scripts were not cleaning properly hence you got all kinds of weird
link behavior. Why do you need to do a make clean after building AMBERTools
and before building AMBER - this should not be necessary, the dependencies
should take care of this I hope.

If you do make clean after ambertools then all that should happen is netcdf
gets built again when you make amber. So you should probably look at why
this is not happening.

All the best

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> Hi,
> It seems that when I do a "make -f Makefile_at clean", after building a
> serial ambertools/Amber and before building a parallel version, the
> netcdf libraries and binaries are removed.
> This presents a problem, because the serial netCDF library (i.e.,
> libnetcdf.a) is needed for parallel Amber.
> A workaround is available, by going into the netcdf directory (which
> should still be correctly configured) and running "make && make clean"
> there. However, it would be better if this weren't necessary.
> Would anyone have any objections to taking out the parts of the
> Makefiles that scrub the installed netCDF binaries and libraries when
> "make clean" is run?
> Thanks,
> Ben
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