Re: amber-developers: Re: PMEMD 10 patch 2

From: Robert Duke <>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 10:35:32 -0400

There are all sorts of issues with cygwin and the file system - unix issues
that were not done correctly because something like a FAT file system cannot
really do links, /dev/null, etc. etc. I was a bit more hyperaware of this
stuff because I at one point was doing file system work for microsoft, but
also because I later got involved in a project to create a compatible system
calls interface between Sun's unix implementations and windows. Anyway, at
that juncture I considered cygwin to be a pretty bad hack; since then it has
probably gotten better. Thanks to Gustavo for the fix on linux boxes though
(I figured somebody would have dealt with this); Dave, I'll generate the
second patch and send it to you. I did not see Volodymyr's proposal.
Regards - Bob
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> On Fri, Oct 03, 2008, Gustavo Seabra wrote:
>> > Does anyone know how to make a patch file that adds a file (rather than
>> > updating an existing file?)
>> I think that's useful for everyone here:
>> You can create a patch that creates a new file by diffing the
>> /dev/null with the file you want to create. For example:
>> $ mkdir test
>> $ cd test
>> $ echo "this is the test file" > test_file
>> $ diff -Naur /dev/null test_file > patch1
> Just a note: this seems to work on Linux but not on cygwin. It could be
> that
> cygwin's handling of /dev/null is not really compatible with Linux/POSIX.
> Or maybe some problem with its patch.
> Note that Voldymyr's proposed solution also fails on cygwin. As with
> Gustavo's proposal, patch just says "can't file file to patch..." when it
> sees
> either /dev/null or a nonexistent file name.
> Cygwin's patch version is 2.5.8, whereas my Linux boxes seem to have
> 2.5.4.
> Not sure if this is relevant or not.
> ...dac
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