Re: amber-developers: Re: Installing Ambertools in cygwin

From: David A. Case <>
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 21:37:50 -0400

On Sat, Sep 06, 2008, Gustavo Seabra wrote:
> So, it looks like ptraj needs libsym.a to compile, this is compiled in
> the 'nss' directory. I tried to force its compilation:

This is realy a mistake in the Makefile for ptraj. It says that these
programs depend on $(FLIBS), but it doesn't really need all of them
(certainly not libsym.a).

As a workaround, if you are not going to compile nab, you can remove
libsym.a from FLIBS in $AMBERHOME/src/config.h.

Of course, the whole thing started to snowball because of the
-DUSE_AMBER_C9XCOMPLEX error that somehow got introduced with all the
recent changes to the configure scripts. If you had fixed this problem
as soon as it came up (rather than trying to "cheat" by commenting out
lots of parts of the Makefile), the libsym.a probem would not have

> 1. I understand that I may be missing something in my cygwin
> installation, but what?

Nothing..on cygwin and sun, you use the complex.h file in
$AMBERHOME/src/nab, not the one in /usr/include.

> There's no documentation about the use of '-DUSE_AMBER_C9XCOMPLEX'
> anywhere. However, I'm not really convinced it should be necessary,
> but I can't identify what I'm missing here. Any ideas?

This was working at one point, but there have been lots of cooks
stirring the broth recently, and they probably don't test things on
cygwin, and so didn't notice the problem. I haven't had the time to try
to figure out whose patch messed things up.

Received on Sun Sep 07 2008 - 06:08:11 PDT
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