amber-developers: more freezing of the Amber10 CVS tree

From: David Case <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 18:05:09 -0800

Hi everyone:

We are getting closer to Amber10. As of today:

   The amber10 tree is generally only open to Scott and me for commits
   amber10/src/ptraj is open to Tom Cheatham as well
   amber10/test is still open to carlos,kfwong,fpaesani,rcw,tom_cheatham
   amber10/doc is still open to most of the "regular" developers

If you get an "insufficient karma" message, please send the updates to me,
and I will place them in CVS.

The obvious(?) intent is to have a pretty stable code base going forward,
yet still encourage people to provide updates to the documentation.

Received on Sun Feb 17 2008 - 06:07:42 PST
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