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From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 14:41:53 -0700

Hi Kim,

> Can you tell me why evb_io_debug and evb_gfchk are croaking
> on bluegene
> ... that is, are there any programming habits I need to break? The
> evb_io_debug was for my own edification and can be commented
> out but the
> evb_gfchk is integral to Berny Schelgel's distributed Gaussian EVB
> approach. Sorry the codes are messy. I will clean up the
> debugging soon.

The xlf compiler has more rigorous error checking than the Intel compilers.
The initial problem was the call arguments to evb_io_debug. It looks like
you either updated evb_io_debug at some point and forgot to update all the
calls or you meant to call evb_io_debug2 routine instead. I have tweaked the
CVS tree to address this - take a look and see if you think it is okay.

The failure beyond this fix looks like some weird compiler bug - I want to
see if I can reproduce it and then I'll check with IBM to see what it might
be. I wouldn't worry about your style for the moment since style shouldn't
crash a compiler.

All the best

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