amber-developers: restrictions on CVS write access

From: David A. Case <>
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 13:29:47 -0700

As promised, I have mostly shut down write access to the Amber 9 CVS tree.
Here are the exceptions:

rduke has access to amber9/src/pmemd
cheatham has access to amber9/src/ptraj
csimmerling,zweig,crowley,rcw have access to everything

(The last line will change as soon as we can get the basic LES and PIMD
all working on most test cases. Please don't abuse this-- I would ask
you e-mail me when you commit new material.)

Bob and Tom: please get your things in as soon as you can -- we want start
testing on lots of machines and compilers, etc.

If you need to update something you no longer have access to, please send
patches to me via e-mail.

EVERYONE still has access to amber9/doc. And there is a *lot* of work to
done there. Please take a look right away at updating your sections. We
to have this stuff ready by Jan. 31 at the latest if we to avoid delaying
the Amber 9 release.

Alexey: since you are back in the real world, please take a look at the
test case, and figure out what the right answer is.

...thanks!...Happy New Year!....dac
Received on Wed Apr 05 2006 - 23:49:45 PDT
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