amber-developers: Code freeze dates for Amber 9

From: David A. Case <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 10:37:34 -0700

Per our discussions at the recent meeting:

The "code freeze" date for Amber 9 will be Dec. 4, 2005. After this, we
will allow only bug fixes and "very safe" code cleanups. (I will decide
what I think "very safe" means.)

I will make an exception for pmemd, since changes there don't break other
things, and since Bob has a proven track record for being careful that
everything works. Still, I would like to see pmemd9 as soon as possible,
so that it can be tested by as many people as possible (perhaps with input
combinations that Bob didn't consider) before release.

All documentation should be completed and checked in by Jan. 15, 2006. We
need to have this lead time for careful editing and proofreading, and to
lead time for actual production of the Manuals. I am also herewith
artwork for the cover.

Whenever possible, please do things as much *before* the deadlines listed
above as you can. I would prefer that you not wait until Dec. 3 to start
thinking about how your part of the code needs to be updated. :-)

...thanks to everyone...dac

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