RE: amber-developers: RGBMAX=25A by default?

From: Yong Duan <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 20:52:44 -0700

I also add that GB/PB are practically the only choices in many cases
(protein structure scoring, constant pH, etc). Energies from explicit
water simulations are not going to be helpful at all in these things.

I did not mean to comment on a recent post. What happened was that two
of my people noticed slow GB performance (to the point that they started
ask me why I insisted GB). Initially, I thought something funny in their
systems. Then, I looked at their output files and noticed more than 80%
of time was spent on diag terms and realized the default rgbmax. I did
not mean at all to say that GB is less efficient than PME (of course
not). What I meant was that if we have a set of realistic default
parameters the users could be even more impressed with GB :). By the
way, improvement in efficiency (e.g., nonbonded list) can also help. All
these take time and effort!!


4. Don't forget that GB explores conformational space a lot faster than
explicit solvent simulations do. The difference can be an order of
magnitude, and should be taken into consideration for some types of

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