amber-developers: possible AMBER meeting in Fall 2004

From: Carlos Simmerling <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 14:23:25 -0700

Hi all,
I am beginning to arrange a meeting of the AMBER development
team this Fall in Stony Brook. I don't yet know the date, the format,
the topics, or even who will be there. I am just trying to
1) gauge interest level of possible participants
2) narrow down the best dates

the tentative plan is to have the meeting sometime between
October 10th and 23rd, possibly over a weekend since many
of us teach. If you plan to come, let me know of any dates that
absolutely will not work for you and I will try to come up with
a plan. Also let me know if there is someone that you think should
attend that is not part of our current development team. Please
don't directly invite other people (yet) so that we can keep
it somewhat manageable. I don't yet know how many we will
be able to accomodate, either with housing or meeting room space.

Please reply within the next week so that we can move ahead.

Carlos L. Simmerling, Ph.D.
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